Quick Start - AWS

Want to try out Kylo in the cloud?


Kylo AWS Sandbox

Try Kylo in the cloud with Amazon Web Services. The directions below will allow you to test drive Kylo in a cloud-hosted environment. The AWS sandbox image is a pre-configured Kylo instance with Apache Hadoop, Spark, and NiFi. The tutorials below will teach you how to create your first ingest feed and wrangle data.


    Login to your AWS Account Console


    Navigate to EC2 | Launch Instance


    Search for one of the community AMIs below (available in all regions):
    Distribution Type AMI Name
    HDP 2.6 kylo-hdp-sandbox-0.10.0
    Cloudera 5.14 kylo-cloudera-sandbox-0.10.0


    Launch the AMI (choose m5.2xlarge). Wait up to 20 minutes for first-time bootstrap, subsequent boot is about 10 minutes. Make sure to configure your security group to allow TCP access from your public IP.


    From your web browser, navigate to the instances public IP http://your-instance-ip and additional instructions will be visible


    Application login: dladmin/thinkbig

Intro Tutorials

The following introductory tutorials will get you quickly started with Kylo:

Creating a Data Ingest feed

Create an data ingest feed Download sample file

Creating a simple Wrangling feed

Learn how to easily transform and prepare data.

Watch full video for more features

Explore many of the features of Kylo