Kylo Tutorials

Training videos for different organization roles. Become a Kylo ninja!

User Tutorials

Creating a Data Ingest Feed

Create an data ingest feed using Kylo that ingest data from a flat file, applies cleansing and validation rules and brings it into hadoop. Download sample file

How to Wrangle Data (Part 1)

Learn how to easily transform and prepare data.

How to Wrangle Data (Part 2)

Continue on with data wrangling and learn more advanced functions and things you can do with the Kylo data wrangler.

Import and Export Feeds

Learn how to export a feed from one environment and import it into another environment.

More Features

Watch a summary video that explores many features of Kylo including designing and registering templates, data ingestion, and data wrangling.

Designer Tutorials

Introduction to Templates

This is an introductory tutorial on the concept of templates in Kylo. Feed templates embody the principle of write once/reuse many times.

How to Modify an Existing Template

This tutorial shows how to modify the default Kylo ingest template to add Kafka support.

Connecting to a Reusable Flow

Learn how to create a simple feed based template and connect it to a reusable flow.

How to Create Modular Flows

This tutorial looks at techniques for creating modular feeds used as services and invoked by other feeds.

Templates with Conditional NiFi Routing

This advanced tutorial demonstrates how to take advantage of Apache NiFi routing and NiFi expressions to make templates more general purpose

Design a Data Confidence Feed

Learn how to design and create a custom data quality validation using Kylo.

Design a Feed with Preconditions

Learn how to design a flow that depends upon the completion of another feed.

Sqoop Based Ingest (Part 1)

In this tutorial shows how to configure and run Sqoop based ingestion in Kylo. This specific video shows template registration.

Sqoop Based Ingest (Part 2)

Learn how to configure and run a Sqoop based ingestion in Kylo. This video (part 2) shows how to create a feed that ingests a table for each run.

Sqoop Based Ingest (Part 3)

Extend upon the previous Sqoop video and learn more about how to configure it with Kylo.

Administrator Tutorials

Kylo Installation

Learn how to install Kylo.

Encrypting Properties

Learn how to encrypt configuration properties.

Best Practices

Best Practices

Learn patterns and best practices for using and supporting Kylo.